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Coaching and Hypnosis

Get a headstart on discovering the root causes of your struggles. On your first 1:1 complimentary session, we will perform a scan of your subconscious mind in relation to your pain points and develop a plan of action with feasible milestones which we evaluate during following sessions.

Pricing Structure

The hourly rate per session is based off a sliding-scale fee. We believe in providing adequate care to all members of society despite socioeconomic circumstances.


per hour

under 35k


per hour

35k - 65k


per hour

65k - 100k


per hour

100k +

  • What is the commitment?
    There is absolutely no locked-in commitment to our meetings! Your first meeting is complimentary and you can decide from there if this is a good fit.
  • How will we meet?
    We will meet on zoom chat or whatsapp call.
  • How often will we meet?
    The cadence of our sessions is ultimately whatever you feel most comfortable with, however I suggest a meeting once every other week to keep the momentum going!
  • I am local! Can we do our sessions in-person?
    That is a possibility! Shoot me a message at to work something out.
  • What can I do to prepare for our meetings?
    There is no formal homework persay. The work you put into your personal growth is 100% up to you. I encourage all my clients to keep a journal and complete whatever prompt I may suggest in between sessions. I also encourage starting a 10-minute daily silence practice.
  • What can I expect will happen during our sessions?
    We will begin with whatever topic and goals feels most accessible for you to discuss and use this as a bouncing off point to dive deeper. My sessions are tangential and I prefer to allow the natural flow of conversation to unfold as opposed to forcing a prespecriptive step-step procedure on our sessions that feel stale and are reminiscent of the dated methods some psychotherapists use. My intention is you leave each session lit up with a fresh perspective that brings you tactical steps toward living the live you want. The lightbulb that goes off in the mind type of moment!
  • Can you describe your mentorship style?
    My mentorship style is gentle yet effective. Compassionate yet uncomfortable as you will be experience some growing pains as you work through trauma and reprogram toxic narratives to new healthy narratives. I am patient, you will lead the pace that feels right for you, yet I will hold you appropriately accountable and ask you the hard questions you're avoiding.
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