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Who is Reza?


Visualize a fat and insecure teenager! He grew up in an isolated country not favored by many Westerners. He was born into a tribe that expressed limited tolerance to the outside world; everyone believed in the same ideologies, doctrines & traditions.For most of his childhood, he had little to no exposure to the outside world. Despite all the roadblocks, he managed to move to the US by himself at 19. One January day, he landed in an alien world and was welcomed with a strip search & extensive questioning at LAX. Since day one, he was fighting uphill battles on multiple fronts, with physical fitness, finances, mental health & fitting into society.

His passion for self-development, social psychology & adrenaline has taken him on a journey to 50+ cities around the world, connecting him with people of different cultures & philosophical perspectives.

In his career, Reza interacted with thousands of people & helped many form a relationship with their subconscious minds. He has a deep understanding of the effects of our inherited environment on subconscious programming. After surviving multiple quick brushes with death & overcoming his painful life challenges, Reza found his life purpose in extending a hand to anyone who suffers from dysfunctional subconscious programming & feels victimized by life circumstances.

Reza's experience comes from years of passionate study & research in the fields of human interactions, social psychology, and the mechanism of subconscious programming. His work is highly influenced by the likes of Carl Jung, Alan Watts and Joe Dispenza.

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